Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Hard'n'Phirm's "Rodeohead" apparently wasn't left unnoticed, but maybe some of you guys haven't heard it yet. If so, go there and hear it. Click on those two little cowboy guys to download the mp3 file. They seem to do whole shows where they cover lots of Radiohead songs entirely, but this one's a medley. If you are too lazy to find out which songs' pieces appear in it, you can get a list on Greenplastic. Yeah, it's making fun of Radiohead. It had been twice-overdue, hadn't it?
Now, very few people know that there's some serious underground action going on here in Düsseldorf, and I mean the music made by two guys. One of those guys is the author of this blog, also known as Pan Codami, the other one is PL. I uploaded two files, recorded with a rather huge interval in between; both recordnings, however, are connected by their french-to-frenchish lyrics so they may go together. In the first one, "Le Malheur", I played the piano and PL spoke; in the second one, "Gainsbourg", I spoke and PL played the piano. I hope you have some fun listening to those & many special thanks to Henri Michaux (scroll down to read "Repos dans le Malheur"). Also, special thanks go to Latanya for having once posted that poem by Michaux.
When listening to mash-ups, haven't you ever thought they could be a liiitle bit more original at what and how they choose to mix? Hearing Eminem's rap mixed with 5000 different pop songs isn't really enthralling after a while. Now, I advise you to go and take a look at Eve Massacre; I especially recommend "Sweet as neurotic euro trash indie boys" (thanks to Engelmacherin for having once shown that mix and thus Eve Massacre).

Sunday, August 29, 2004

My relationship to the Smiths is sort of chappy. I mean, the one song they had is kind of neat. Sometimes it is. Yeah. But I don't feel like listening to a whole album full of this song, no thanks. Now, but how about the Smiths sung in Ukrainian? Uploaded one of the Ukrainians' Smiths covers, "Batyar" ("Bigmouth Strikes Again"); I like listening to it rather than to the original version.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Ever heard La Düsseldorf? If not (or if you've never heard this particular track), download "Düsseldorf", a the-number-of-minutes-consists-of-two-digits-song from their first, self-titled album. It's NEU! without Michael Rother, so definitely get it if you like Krautrock. Sounds a bit like NEU! would jam with Faust.

Oh yeah, PL recently told me there was a store here in Düsseldorf where you can get La Düsseldorf recordings for 3 euro, while NEU! recordings were much more expensive. Strange things happen indeed.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Now, the following link is to an mp3 so awfully bad that you just have to hear it, especially if you know Akvarium and Boris Grebenschikov or at least speak Russian and German. It's a translated version of a song from "PSY" called "Luna, Uspokoy Menya", sung by some guy named Alexej Samordin. Click on the "Mond, beruhige mich" link in that small list to get it. The singing there is painful. Awful. Hey, it's a good laugh. The site is painful generally.
Get the original version (Again, I'm linking to this mp3 file directly because the site where it's on is in Russian). And speaking of Akvarium, I suggest you get these two Akvarium albums from Pustye Mesta:

Akvarium - "Radio Afrika", from 1983.
Akvarium - "Deti Dekabrya" ("December's Children"), from 1985.

Yeah, the site is in Russian, but you'll probably get along if you find out where the track list is (which is not too difficult, it's a numbered link list there). Yeah, I know you probably don't feel like downloading two albums sung in a language you don't fucking understand, but I tell you to give it a try. In case you like the stuff, note that there's a rather huge amount of Akvarium and Grebenschikov albums on Pustye Mesta, but get those from the eighties first. There have been very few good things by them in the nineties and the 2000's.

There's a neat cover version of "Gorod Zolotoy" (get the Akvarium version first in case you don't know it), probably the most well-known Akvarium song, though not written by Grebenschikov but by Alexey Hvostenko, on Antimult.ru (by VIA Antimult). Click the second mp3 link on that site to get it.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I like the fact that compilations often tend to include little-known songs by at least more or less known artists, or little-known songs by little-known artists as well. The three mp3s linked in this entry are all from the "Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music" compilations, volume 1 and volume 2.

To begin with, here's an mp3 I promised to upload in a comment to an entry by Loki: Autechre's "Bronchus One.1". As I said in the comment, it seems to be a pretty rare track; "Bronchus 2" can be found on Incunabula, but I'd have to listen to both tracks to become sure in how far both tracks differ from each other and right now, everybody else in this flat seems to be sleeping. "Bronchus One.1", however, is from 1991 and it perfectly shows how far ahead of all the IDM people (once again, except for Aphex Twin, but I find it difficult to call what he did and does now "IDM") Autechre were even in those early days.

We all know that Sonic Youth went in more or less pure avant-garde in the nineties on those SYR recordings, number 1-5; not sure which other more-or-less-pure-avant-garde recordings they had in the nineties. However, here is a track that appears to come from 2001 and that isn't included anywhere else but on the samplers named above: "Audience". It's crowd noise, apparently recorded in 1983 and then mixed in the studio later; this is more-or-less-pure-avant-garde, so don't bother downloading it if you just want to have a typical Sonic Youth song.

The next one is from 1930; it's the rather well-known "Wochenende" by Walter Ruttmann. Read more about it on SFSound.org and download it if you are interested in Dada.
I'm just listening to the new Mouse on Mars album. Much more voice than even on Idiology and constant references to common electro pop; basically, it's their usual track, but it somehow sounds quite boring. I'm not completely sure what exactly happened to them, but I have the impression that this could well be the end of Mouse on Mars.
Here's the first track from the album, "Mine Is in Yours".

Monday, August 23, 2004

Here's one track from the 60's Italian Beat compilation once recommended to me by Mr Smith: La Setta's "Bloodhound". Doubts have been uttered that it was really the 60's, and it seems a bit of a mystery indeed. However, it's rock'n'roll action from the times when rock'n'roll action was still possible.
There was a great russian Band called Nol' and there are two songs in semi-okay bitrate to download from a fan site (I'm linking to them directly for the site is in Russian):

Kommunal'naya Kvartira ("Flat Share") (studio outtake)
"Bugi Vugi Kazhdyi Den'" ("Boogie Woogie Every Day") (Maik Naumenko cover)

I uploaded two more of their songs and here you go:

"Pesnya o Nastoyaschem Indeyze" ("Song about the True Indian")
"Vperyed Bolty!" ("Bolts Ahead!")

I suppose most of you do know Laibach's "Life is Life" cover. If you know the John Peel sessions version though, you are either a Laibach freak, a John Peel freak, or you just stumbled upon it more or less accidentally (something I did, as far as I remember). It's worth listening to in any case, so get it.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

I listened to that Gogol Bordello live bootleg last night and it's great stuff. Out of 15 songs, 10 did not appear on either of the two previous studio albums, thus showing how the forthcoming album could probably become. I uploaded one of those songs which seem to be new: Immigrant Punk. Yeah, it's gypsy punk, fuck the so-called "world music" (thanks to PL for providing that link).
There are also some sample music downloads on Gogol Bordello's official site, some of them (well, at least one) being whole songs. I'll probably upload a couple more of G.B.'s songs later on, one from each studio album.

Some of you do and some of you probably do not know about The User. Here are two tracks from their "Symphony #1 for Dot Matrix Printers":

Part #10
Part #13

Fairly interesting stuff, and a good "counterfeit" of IDM and minimal electronica at times. You can get three more of their tracks and a video clip on their site.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Negativland's "My Favorite Things" is now up. You probably know the song, yeah. Come on, Coltrane did it.

Organisational: This blog needs some promotion. So promote it folks, or if you came across this and know how to promote it best, write me about it. If you like this place, post a link into your blog, livejournal, whatever.
I was reminded of DOKAKA when writing a comment about artists and bands making cover versions. This is japanese a capella humming; I have his version of "Smells Like Teen Spirit", which is making great fun of Nirvana. You can get it along with other cover versions on Soundclick.com.

And here's another a capella band who covered "Smells Like Teen Spirit": Noorkuu. Browse the "Albumid" section to find it on their site, ready to be downloaded.
Quite a long while ago, I browsed Epitonic a little bit and, along with some other, mostly boring, things, found Transmo. Download the stuff from "InHale". Ficht still doesn't seem to be signed anywhere nor has he got a website, I searched Google for "transmo", "transmo ficht" and "greg ficht", but only found the Epitonic site, some companies and other stuff which apparently had nothing to do with the musician Transmo.

Speaking of Epitonic, here's a somehow-nice track by Threnody Ensemble to download; not overwhelming, but neat.

There are three tracks by Iran available on Epitonic, and definitely get the great "Pick-Up/Stillborn". There is a second album released in 2003, "The Moon Boys". I'm still not sure about that one, because I can't remember really hearing it, but get their self-titled debut.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Here's the Jim Noir song I promised to upload and post a link to in the last entry.

There also are three other mp3/ogg files I uploaded. Firstly, a track from the Dead Kennedies' 2004 released live album, "Live at the Deaf Club 1979". This version of "Kill the Poor" relatively strongy differs from the studio version on "Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables" and is definitely worth listening to. Speaking of it, "Live at the Deaf Club" contains probably the best version of "Holiday in Cambodia" I've heard. Slow and, unlike other live versions, especially the one on "Mutiny on the Bay", clear. Seems a great live album generally from what I've heard so far from it, much better than "MotB". Get it.

Secondly, here's something I stumbled upon not so long ago, and that's Richard Cheese, a guy who makes lounge cover versions of popular rock and pop "classics" and hits. Not that interesting in general, but here's a version of Nirvana's "Rape Me" that is fun somehow. There's a live sample video clip of that on his website, along with some other downloads, but I watched the clip and didn't bother downloading the rest of the stuff he's got up there.

I found the Bobby Conn song I've been told about for a couple of times even very long ago that he sang on the "Wah-Wah" show on the German music channel Viva Zwei when it got cancelled (both the channel and, apparently, the show). Here you go: "Death to Wah-Wah". In case you don't know Bobby Conn or still haven't heard any of his albums, get them all. I'd recommend to get "Rise Up!" and "The Homeland", his 2004 album, first; the stuff is not impossible to find on Soulseek.

By the way, linking to the Bobby Conn website and checking whether it really is bobbyconn.com, I found out that the site is finally ready. Among other things (it's not that much, or is it just Mozilla?), there's the "Angels" video one can watch (to do so, go to the "Music" section), which is not quite as great as the "Relax" video though, and a link to an interview with him there.

"Splendid: How can you -- if you're this worked up about it -- how can you step back and...

Bobby Conn: Because you can't make a serious... the only alternative would be... If there was a serious, really gripping protest record, like musically gripping, emotionally gripping, I haven't heard it yet."

Thursday, August 19, 2004

So, welcome. This blog will be about music.

To begin with, here's something I just managed to get on Soulseek: 386dx' first album (the one with non-russian songs). There are some mp3 as well as .ra files on his website, be sure to get them. The second album consists of classical russian rock or "rock" songs' cover versions and is named after a popular compilation series, "Legends of russian rock". Probably not that interesting for the western listener, especially as it's basically the same story, only with russian songs. If you have heard the files put on this guy's site and found them fun and/or interesting, get the whole album from me on Soulseek. My nickname's vidimka and I may add you to my list until you have downloaded the album since this is hard-to-find stuff.

In other news, Jim Noir now has a website. He released a nice EP called "A Bird Sings in Wool" on the free netlabel called Hippocamp, but now seems to be going to become signed (or already being it) on a not-so-free label, so the EP is put down. However, I'll upload one of his songs, "Split Personality", during the next days. Take a look at DRGS as well, the band that Jim Noir is or was a member of. Their "DRGS Presents 'Laburnam Live Chipmunk Orchestra'" EP is available on scene.org. The first album is said to have been a 100 copies release, but I still hope a guy I know is going to get it, and then I'll get it from him.

That's enough for the first entry then.