Thursday, December 16, 2004

A short entry for today, with a rather big mp3 file though. After having posted a song from Pere Ubu's first album, I think it's adequate to post one from their lastest work, "St Arkansas". "Dark" is the last song on the album.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Since I posted some Pere Ubu stuff yesterday, it's the right time I guess to declare a David Thomas & Pere Ubu week on Antificial Radio Weblog. So up to and including Monday the 20th, you will be getting Thomas related tracks, and we'll start this entry with a Pere Ubu song called "Life Stinks". If there ever was such a thing as post-industrial post-proto-punk, then this is it, although this description doesn't really hit the nail on the head.

Then, even before Pere Ubu's first album, "The Modern Dance", this song has been recorded by the pre-Ubu Rocket from the Tombs.

Rocket from the Tombs. David Thomas' (on the right) hair is frighteningly long.

The front cover of "The Day the Earth Met the Rocket from the Tombs" says "LIVE FROM PUNK GROUND ZERO, CLEVELAND 1975". Here you go: Rocket from the Tombs - "Life Stinks".

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

You all have probably heard about Nouvelle Vague. Now, it IS of course a hip, hip, hooray project loved by all those indie kids who aren't really into Joy Division, Dead Kennedys, you name it, but hey, those are fun versions anyway. Here's "Too Drunk to Fuck", and you can also listen to three other songs performed by Nouvelle Vague on their site, including "Love Will Tear Us Apart".
Yes, yes, okay. This blog hasn't been updated in a looooong while. But now! you are being provided with a new entry and from now on, Antificial Radio Weblog becomes a regularly updated place again.

Pere Ubu's sound at least should be known to many of the readers. Just in case it's not, I'm going to post some more Pere Ubu and David Thomas & Two Pale Boys songs later on. But what the hell happened on "Cloudland", the listener-for-the-first time may ask? Okay, Thomas called Stephen Hague, who at least at that time was an Ubu fan, and asked him to produce their album. They did that eighties-pop-sound-thing, and very authentically they did. So...what the fuck? Hey, if you listen a bit intently to this album, you'll hear that yes it IS a Pere Ubu album, and it's actually great. Pere Ubu's sound remains under the smoothed "Pet Shop Boys" arrangements, and you should also pay attention to "Cloudland"'s lyrics.


"Ice Cream Truck"

Organizatory: Just a bit closer to the end of this year which is near anyway, Antificial Radio Weblog is going to presumably give you a little series of entries running under the title "the most remarkable musical releases of 2004". Every day during this series, two songs from the respective album shall be posted.