Monday, January 31, 2005

"The REAL New Fall LP (formerly "Country on the Click")", which was released in 2003, was originally entitled just with "Country on the Click", then leaked onto the net and into filesharing networks before its planned release and because of that was partially re-recorded and re-mixed by the band, so now there are two different versions of the album. I'm not sure which one of the two versions I like better, here are two songs from the album in both versions and a song which was included on the final album version only and given that another reason why it's good that The Fall did "Country on the Click" two times.

"Mountain Energei" (first version)

"Mountain Energei" (second version)

"Recovery Kit" (first version)
"Recovery Kit" (second version)

"Janet vs Jane and Johnny"

Saturday, January 29, 2005

The Chemical Brothers' initial big beat line, which was given up after their second album, "Dig Your Own Hole" (and their sound became boring from that point on) was something that brought post-techno dance music a possibility to actually be listened to. Of course they never got out of the orientation towards dance music, while IDM by 1995 (which was the year the Chemical Brothers' first album, "Exit Planet Dust", was released) had little to do with dancing, so they kind of looked like the younger brothers and never really were on a cutting edge of electronica. On the other hand, making music for only listening never was their goal, and as background music, their two first albums fit well. Then, if you are looking for something with a loud dirty beat and some noisy samples, you can hardly go wrong with them. Here are two of their songs for you to download.

Song to the Siren (from "Exit Planet Dust")
Block Rockin' Beats (from "Dig Your Own Hole")

Friday, January 28, 2005

As you might know, "Tainted Love" was first commited by Gloria Jones in the 60s, a soul singer who is mainly known for that song and then for having married Marc Bolan; here's her version. Later on, in the 70s, "Tainted Love" was redone by Ruth Swan, featuring those two hits (in her version done by the brass section) appearing for example after "I've got to..." which were to re-appear on Soft Cell's cover and on most other forthcoming versions of the song that I know. I'm not sure whether those hits appeared on any earlier version, in any case they weren't there yet on Jones's original.
"Tainted Love" became Soft Cell's only big hit, undeservedly as it is so often, because at least "Sex Dwarf" is a good song. Their version definitely went into a darker direction and some time later, Coil came up with their goth cover, committed, among other things, with bell voices and choir synths; the hits I mentioned above strogly changed as well. Coil's version may sufficiently show why Marilyn Manson's cover was completely spare, but the last few doubting that should be convinced by the metal version done by My Riun in 1999 (which I do not like but hey, I don't like Marlyn Manson either). Have fun with the song.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

If you are into mash-ups, you could go and check out gordy Boy's "A Hidden Forest", which is Björk's "Hidden Place" mixed with The Cure's "A Forest" (which I do not have in the original version). A neat bootleg. Björk, whom I once already wrote about here, is best heard on bootlegs, as well as lots of other bootlegged stuff.

And since we're at bootlegs and were at bastardizing The Beatles in my previous post here, why not go and download The Beastles? Good mashes, and my girlfriend and an other friend of mine both claimed that they liked them more than the original Beasties stuff. Well, well.
There's this band called Beatallica which plays Beatles songs imitating, who would have thought that, Metallica; you can get both of their albums on their site. Okay, you can hear that the singer is definitely not Hetfield, but it only makes the whole thing even funnier. Imagine guys with long hair hammering on their guitars and stomping on the ground with their feet, playing "All my Loving" (which in the Beatallica version is called "...And Justice for All my Loving"). Personally, I only like a couple of Beatles songs, like "Strawberry Fields Forever" (which Beatallica, pitifully, hasn't covered) and I do not like Metallica at all, but hey, this band is fun.