Monday, January 31, 2005

"The REAL New Fall LP (formerly "Country on the Click")", which was released in 2003, was originally entitled just with "Country on the Click", then leaked onto the net and into filesharing networks before its planned release and because of that was partially re-recorded and re-mixed by the band, so now there are two different versions of the album. I'm not sure which one of the two versions I like better, here are two songs from the album in both versions and a song which was included on the final album version only and given that another reason why it's good that The Fall did "Country on the Click" two times.

"Mountain Energei" (first version)

"Mountain Energei" (second version)

"Recovery Kit" (first version)
"Recovery Kit" (second version)

"Janet vs Jane and Johnny"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's really interesting... I thought the master tapes of the first version were lost, and that was why the band decided to re-record it. I had only heard the first version of "Sparta FC", which I think pales next to the version released on the Real New Fall LP. Thanks!

6:45 AM  
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