Thursday, February 10, 2005

I originally intended just to make an entry about a famous rap group sampling Rocket from the Tombs, but then discovered that some more RftT related stuff has accumulated during some weeks, so now you get an entry stuffed to the neck with mp3 files. Now, isn't that something?

I hadn't noticed that the Beastie Boys actually sampled a guitar riff from an RftT song until I listened to that collection of 1975 recordings again with my girlfried during her latest vacation here. Obviously, the Beasties didn't take the 1975 version of "Sonic Reducer" but the re-recorded song from 2003's "Rocket Redux"; and here's "An Open Letter to NYC".

Then, it appears that Guns'N'Roses covered RftT's "Ain't it Fun". Rocket smoothened the song themselves in 2003, having an old Cheetah Chrome sing the song (and the last thing you want to have on a Rocket from the Tombs song is a singer with that typical old rocker attitude), but Guns'N'Roses outran them in these terms. Well, what would you expect from G'N'R anyway; but hey, they DID do a Rocket from the Tombs cover!

"Ain't it Fun" (1975 version)
"Ain't it Fun" (2003 "Rocket Redux" version)

Some anonymous commenter mentioned that "Love Love Love (I Can't Believe it)" from Pere Ubu's "Cloudland", a song which on that album possibly got the most synth-driven treatment, must have been written in the RftT days; and indeed, although no RftT version of the song is known to me, I have a Pere Ubu live recording from 1976 where the band plays the song, titled just with "Can't Believe it". The recording quality is even tolerable, you can quite well hear the arrangements.


Blogger Niandi said...

Nice to hear both RTF versions back to back. Sacrilegious maybe, but I sill prefer the Dead Boys version....Stiv seems to really hurt

Thanx also for the "Can't Believe it" track....I was the anonymous poster. The roots of the later version are definately there.

12:40 AM  
Blogger jackut said...

I never really listened to the Dead Boys. Should pick up an album I suppose.

8:07 AM  
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