Monday, April 25, 2005

eMusic: What the... (no mp3s in this post; mp3 bloggers please pay special attention!)

Has anyone else got this?


I hope all is well. My name is Matt Zerbo and I handle the affiliate program for eMusic. I wanted to get in touch to see if there is a way Artificial Radio Weblog and eMusic can work together.

Your blog focuses providing independent music lovers with access to new and interesting music as well as providing exposure for emerging artists. eMusic provides the same service, only on a larger scale. We are different from the other major online music providers for a number of reasons. We only carry music from independent artists and labels, which makes our collection much more diverse. Also, we offer our entire catalog in the MP3 format free of any copy protection, which means our customers truly own the music they purchase from our service. They can burn unlimited CDs, transfer their music to any digital music player/product (including the iPod), download to unlimited computers, and play using any digital music jukebox.

[Well, so far so good... except for the grave fact that they SELL their mp3s. CDs are being sold. Mp3s aren't.]

I feel that connecting your users to eMusic would add value to your blog by offering them the ability to download the music that they love at an affordable price and from a trusted source. I would like to offer you acceptance into our affiliate program, which will provide you the opportunity to earn commission for posting links to eMusic. Becoming an affiliate will cost you nothing and has the potential to earn significant money for your blog. Our affiliates earn $9 dollars for every paying subscription started through the links posted on their sites, which is a very competitive rate.

[passage about eMusic being great and stuff cut out]

Please let me know your thoughts when you have a chance, or if you would like to move forward immediately visit [address cut out] to apply. Your application will be accepted promptly. If you have any questions about the affiliate program or eMusic in general, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you decide to join.


Matt Zerbo

Matthew Zerbo

Affiliate Manager

[contact information cut out]"

I first thought it was some sort of clever spam, but nope, it wasn't, which could be noticed alone on the fact that motherfucker spelled the name of my blog wrong.

Now, obviously, I am NOT going to participate in this. Antificial Radio Weblog is not going to sell out. All mp3s that I offer are for free, and I do not believe in selling mp3s. So it would be nice if Mr Zerbo managed not to bother me with this kind of crap in the future. However, I'd like to hear some other bloggers on this subject.


Blogger mr gilbert said...

yup, i got it too.

4:18 PM  
Blogger m said...

why is offering legitimate legal MP3's of artist works so repugnant to you?

do you hate record stores?

or do you stand outside them giving away free cd's & vinyl instead?

if the songs are available legally in a manner in which the artist's can share in the revenue generated by their music...why is this a horrible thing?

just curious?

i am a musician , i know dozens if not hundreds of other musicians , very few who have earned anything resembling a living from music...

maybe 12 people i know are wealthy, or at least financially stable from their music, a few millionaires...

the rest are either basically broke or working day jobs that keep them from performing on tour etc.

why wouldn't it be good for musicians to make money?

essentially by giving their recordings away, you do little to encourage them to produce more.

i don't mean to hassle you, but it strikes me as odd how pissed off you seem that some guy is offering you a chance to engage in an affiliate business model that could benefit artists, labels, and yourself.

i also post files by bands, but mainly out of print stuff, public domain or authorized downloads...

5:30 PM  
Blogger jackut said...

I stressed out that it's the selling of mp3 files that I find ridiculous. I have nothing against the fact that musicians can earn money from their music and I think that's quite logical. Selling CDs, in general, is something I do not despise (well, I would not buy a CD from a major label because of thir policies against filesharing et cetera... and I DO think that CDs are overpriced. But why not buy an indie label CD?).

But selling mp3s IS ridiculous. Selling the very same thing that you can get for free? If you buy a CD, you get the box, you maybe get some bonus material like a video, you get the booklet, hell you get the very CD that you can hold in your hands. If you download an mp3, you get nothing of all of this, except for the very CD which you can have when you burn the mp3 on a disc. And then I'm supposed to pay for it? I'd rather buy a disc thank you. Mp3s are for free.

Let's say band X has a new album out on Y records. I'm looking up for Y records and find that they are a decent label, also signing band A and B, which I like as well. Why not buy the CD! Oh, wait, have no money at the moment. Hmm, what shall I do? Let's download the album first.
One month later, I find the money to buy the album. Now, here is the Big Decision. I own an mp3 version of the album at 192 kbps. I can either purchase the very same files from some online music store and give away euros for something I already own anyway, or purchase a disc. Hmmm... Yes, I do believe that the rights of the private use consumers should be broadened.

And oh, you may have noticed I NEVER post complete albums on this blog. Only a few tracks from them. I do believe that I do something to encourage musicians to go on, since posting about them is contributing to their popularity. Personally, I would find it much more encouraging seeing some blogger write about me than having one more (CD) sold to some anomynous guy.

3:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, I don't know, but it sounds like "m" is either a plant/narcster or does not practice what he preaches. I skipped on over to his thinnly posted blog which, much to my surprise, has mp3's available for download.

Do you hate Cheap Trick "m"? Do you stand outside their concerts telling people they could stand outside the stadium and hear the very same concert - For Free!

You see, this is what the RIAA doesn't get. According to the RIAA's logic there should be 1000 times as many people hanging out outside of a concert venue listening to a show than inside. Doesn't work that way in the real world though.

The music industry doesn't realize that the reason people go out and buy a CD of a band they like is that they want to own a little piece of the band. They want into the group, to be in the concert. Socialist talk like that freaks out rich business owners - like the ones funding the RIAA.

Now, the paranoid music industry wants to make the music you buy more restrictive - To continue the concert analogy, the RIAA wants to make you sign a contract saying that you will not discuss what you hear at said concert, you have to look straight ahead at all times, only go to the bathrooms at set times, and require you to sign on to the beer vendor's mailing list in order to get "bundled" an overpriced refreshment. You also don't buy a ticket, you rent the chair.

If the analogy becomes reality, there will be thousands of people tailgating outside stadiums while the Latest Brittany's are playing to empty houses.

Lets remember people - "It's about the MUSIC" - ibid

9:02 AM  
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