Sunday, April 10, 2005


This guy sampled speeches of George W. Bush (mainly) and made songs out of them, available at At times sloppy (which is no wonder, try to make a song out of a political speech, and I don't mean just sampling one or two damn sentences for one song), but sometimes really good sampling, funny and hell, there are even Bush "Imagine / Walk on the Wild Side" and "Sunday Bloody Suday" cover versions now. I particularly recommend "My Name is Rx" ("By the way, I wake up every day, every morning, that's my job! And it's hard work, it's haaard work, it's hard work, it's incredibly hard, believe me") and "Boys and Girls".

PS: Those are Anti-Bush songs and at times really evil parody. So if you are a rigid Republican, you could easily be offended by them. Download at your own risk, then.


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