Wednesday, August 17, 2005

After a long, long break, Antificial Radio Weblog's active again. Among the main musical news of the past two weeks for me is the new recording committed by Gogol Bordello, which is now out in the US. For those of you who don't know yet, Gogol Bordello is a horde of gypsies from Kiev who emigrated to the states some time ago to make something they call "gypsy punk rock" and I'd say you have to hear to get. Luckily, the whole thing can be streamed from Side One Dummy's site.

And since we're at it, let's give you a few other links. Now, regular readers may know or have guessed i'm way into mash-ups and from time to time looking for some fresh and good ones. DJ Earworm is not exactly new, but worth checking out since he doesn't just mix vocals from one song and the instrumentals from an other, but rather puts together bits from many tracks. Technically, this is similar to Eve Massacre in a certain way, and if you don't know her, be sure to visit her site as well ("Sweet as Neurotic Euro Trash Indie Boys" is a classic but, sadly, not available for download anymore).